Saturday, May 9, 2015

Isabella and the Beast by Audrey Grace


This book was just creepy and wrong to me. I need you to brake the cures on me by having my baby it beast tag line. I'm sorry but the idea of having sex with an animal just creeps me out. He not a overly hair man which can be really sexy for some people. He is a beast that  has fangs and paws it just gross I'm sorry but that like having sex with a dog. I'm just not into this book. Also what ever happens to her looking for her father and trying to get home. It like a bad porno were the plot leaves and your left with sex boring give me plot if it can have sex then ya! if not at lest you have a story with out people going were did the story go I'm left with is sex. Beast tag line at the end Oh by the way your pregnant.

I give this 1 out of 5 the story left and if your going to retell a story with sex have it make since even if it gross if it make since I wound have like the story more then this.