Friday, May 8, 2015

Evernight by Claudia Gray


This is about vampire, teens, and high school. Like so many other books out there. I love books about vampire, demon, and others thing that go bump in the night. This was a quick read and really did not even have that much magic or vampires and tell Bianca dose something that makes the other vampires laugh at her and the vampire hunter know that she is just like the others at the school. It a love story and a coming of age story for Bianca trying to find herself because most of the time she dosen't really fit in to this world of Vampire who come to this school to lean about this new world some done even know how to use a cell phone or even a microwave. And this school is a safe place they can come and learn how to live in this world now. 

I want to know what happens next when a vampire is in love with a vampire hunter so I need to read stargazer.  I give this book a 3 out of 5 it was good an I will read the next book but it so much like other books that are out there if you love vampire YA pick it up but if you not in to then you can pass.