Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jinni's Wish by Marie Hall Kindom book 4

 I did not really Like this one at all I don't why but it just at part when on and on with Jinni go back and forth on if he like her and if he his worthy of her. Were paz is just trying to chose if she wants to live or die.

Paz is and artist that somewhat has  just made it big in the art world and is told to go to Alaska to find her true love. She thinks the idea is crazy but she finds her self on a plane headed to Alaska anyway. And the next thing she knows is that the plane is crashing and she wakes up by out side her body because she is in a coma.

I enjoyed the story that Jinni told Paz but I thought some of the story was long and went on or at lest the stuff between it being told. As well as if I a guy I had dreamed about was real then I wound tell him to give me a moment not take him to my bed.

I give this story 3 out of 5 I didn't really enjoy it but maybe I just need to read it again later and see if I like it better.

Keep reading have a nice day.