Monday, December 16, 2013

her mad hatter by Marie Hall book 1 in the kingdom


everyone knows the story of Alice and her path though wonderland but what about hatter and why in the world was Alice there any way. At first glans this book comes off as one of those books you and your girlfriends take about and giggle but this has more of a story then just oh Alice in older now so they have sex. Oh my gosh if it was that I wound not have had made it thought the book once and I have read this book twice because I enjoyed it so much.

Well this is not the Alice from the classic story it her granddaughter and to me that weird but it something to work with. This Alice has a crush on hatter ever since she was a little girl and he even save her life because of  it. So she is in love with the man she hopes he is but well falling down the rabbit hole and meeting the man of her dreams was not not so easy.

As for hatter he had many Alice showing up left, right, and center. and really could care less about the new one and she look just like that last hateful bitch that had come to him.
They have she days to fall in love. Will it happen and will he save her once more from what almost killed her before.

As I said I loved this book I give it a 5 out of 5. It something I wound read again. here the link if you want to read it you can get it free from amazon.

her mad hatter by Marie Hall

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